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I’m really going to miss these long talks with my roomie.

I want an egg salad sandwich more than anything in the world right now.

But my friend isn’t meeting me for lunch until 11:00. Le sigh.

I love getting new shoes!

Rack room had an awesome sale, so I got two really cute pairs of sandals that were both on sale and buy one get one 50% off. So my total cost was less than on of the pairs would have been at full price. I love shopping and saving money at the same time. :)

Ahhh!! I won Meet and Greet passes to Jay Pharoah!!

Thursday is going to be so amazing! Considering all I’ve wanted to do for years is write for SNL, meeting a cast member is a dream come true! Well, my dream is bigger than that, so I guess you could call it a dream within my dream. Inception? Anyway, I’m stoked. I entered a photo contest and and won with this:

Can it please be Thursday now?!

Work wears me out.  (Taken with instagram)

I am trying so hard to win Meet and Greet passes for Jay Pharoah this Thursday!

I’ve already entered like, four contests. PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!!

If I could wear a prom dress every day of my life, I would.

I just have a weird passion for formal evening wear. Too bad I’m in college, and I’m not involved in any sororities or organizations that have formals. So I’m screwed. I really just want to be a princess. Is that too much to ask?

I hate being sick. :(

My day has managed to be pretty good, nonetheless! So at least there’s that.

I wish I could sing.

It used to be one of my greatest passions. Then I started getting sick. And as I grew through puberty, I developed really bad sinus and nasal problems. My voice became weaker, and singing because more and more uncomfortable. Rather than fight through and overcome everything, I gave up. Now I miss it so much. Going to the Cabaret tonight just made me miss singing even more. I hope that once I get my surgery, I will be at place in my life where I can build myself back up vocally. I’m not being unrealistic here, I’ve long since given up on my dreams of a performing career. I just want to be able to sing again. For fun. For me. Here’s hoping!

I love spending time with my family!

My mom surprised me today by finally fixing up my room!!

It was supposed to be an Easter surprise, but I came home for the afternoon for a doctors appointment and she didn’t want to wait until the weekend. Almost three years ago, a pipe burst in my basement bedroom, and everything flooded. We had to rip up the carpet, fight mold, among other things. So basically I haven’t had a room at home since junior year of high school. Needless to say I am so happy!! No more sleeping on couches, or practically living at my boyfriends house (so awkward, by the way!), and I finally have a space to myself when I’m at home. My mommy is the best! I love her so much. :)

I love my roommate!! She did such a great job whipping her hair at Greek Sing, haha. Hottest Theta I know!!

My moods were perfectly in sync with the weater today.

The first half of the day was beautiful, warm, and sunny. I was in a great mood, my hair looked good, and I actually enjoyed my classes. Then the storm clouds rolled in. I started missing you. The thunder echoed in the pounding of my head. Atmospheric pressure never fails to bring me migraines. My confidence was shattered. My afternoon meeting was full of disappointment. Finally the sky cleared up as night fell. I went to an inspiring event and had dinner with my best friend. My night had turned around. But now, alone in my room, the migraine is back, and the sky is black.


I haven’t done this since I was fourteen. I don’t know how. Six years is a long time. It isn’t easy to just let go of that. I just don’t know how to feel about this. I’m sure it will get better, or at least easier soon, but now I’m just miserable. Even though I know it’s for the best.

There is no feeling quite like finding out that your ex got his girlfriend pregnant.