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I’m THAT girl who bought myself DI chocolate. No shame. #IDODI #GlobalFinals13

#GlobalFinals13, we’re doing it right. #JMUDI #IDODI

Knoxville chillin. #GlobalFinals13 #idoDI

Imma imma a DIVA! I’ve wanted this pin since childhood. #IDODI #DestinationImagination #DIVA


OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS! I was the team that got third.

AHHH!!! I never realized there were so many DI-ers on tumblr!! This is awesome!! Next year we should post our challenge times and try to see each other!! Or at least trade pins :)


Congrats! What level/challenge? I’m an IC appraiser….did middle level structure :)

We competed in Challenge B: The Solar Stage at the University level! :)


After eleven years, I finally got my gold!

To the girl I was just messaging…

Alyssa-I forgot that private messages disappear after you answer them, so I don’t have your number anymore. I definitely want to meet up to trade pins! So text me or send me your number again. I’M SO SORRY!!!

This time tomorrow I’ll be in Tennessee!!!

I’m going to compete in a Global Finals competition for Destination Imagination. The trip is fun every year because we compete in a big main challenge and a small instant challenge, but the rest of the time we pretty much get to do what we want. I’m not sure how much free time I’ll have this year, though, because I was selected to do this reporting thing. This is the first year they’ve done it, and I think it’s an attempt to get the University Level students more involved, because most of the activities they have are geared towards the younger kids. I’m pretty excited and I’m sure it’ll be fun. If anything, at least I get out of this small town for a little while!